Are we Indians allowed to enjoy the transport freedom?

The term ‘Transport Freedom’ may be new for many of us, but this term has been coined to identify the actual facilities that you and I should enjoy every day while commuting on a daily basis or owning a vehicle.

Generally, people associate transport with the movement of goods from producers to consumers; this is because transportation is considered as the foundation stone of economic infrastructure. But here we are focusing on public transport and the easy to own a private vehicle. We believe that a country can start forwarding towards a developed nation, once the mental blockage among people reduces and the transport freedom maximizes.

Currently, the GDP rate of India in 2019 in Q4 is 5.8%, which has significantly slashed India’s position of fastest-growing major economy after China and it is underpinning majorly the agricultural, private sectors, IIP and auto sectors, as the main culprits for this economic downfall. It is largely expected that if India starts enjoying the transport freedom, the GDP will surely start moving upwards and attend the previous mark of 6.6% with immediate effect.

Public transport

When you step out of your house, how much time do you waste on road for availing public transport? It may take around 1 hour to reach your destination, but you also need to include the extra waiting time on the bus stand or station to get a bus or a train respectively. This is where transport freedom lacks in India.

Private vehicles

This is more prominently seen in the case of private vehicles. Do you own a car? If Yes, then you have already experienced the worst procedure. And if the answer is No, then ask yourself why No? In India, only 22 people out of 1000, own a vehicle. This number goes up to 850+ out of 1000, in any developed nation, which proves we Indians must be facing some huge issues when it comes to owning a vehicle. What lacks the most, is the transport freedom!

The major driving factor behind transport freedom is the trust factor. Every time the transaction of a used vehicle takes place, a doubt or a question arises on our mind.

Am I paying the right price?

We always have the notion of thinking that we are paying more than the worth of the product or service. It is hard to establish the trust related to the right price. To address this issue, Droom has introduced ‘Orange Book Value’ or ‘OBV’ tool, where you can successfully know the right, accurate and real-time value of any used car. This reduces the chances of sellers fooling you around the prices. So, the price or money is not the major reason for fewer numbers of vehicles on our roads, as we can afford second-hand cars at a lower price. It is the trust or doubt that comes as a barrier to transport freedom.

What is the real-time condition of the vehicle?

When it comes to purchasing a used vehicle, the second trust factor that creates an issue is the condition of the car. A seller will always try to justify that the vehicle condition is great irrespective of the real facts and the buyers will keep on doubting. To reveal the real-time condition of the car with proper certification and guarantee, Droom introduced ECO tool for car inspection. After examining the car thoroughly by a professional technician, a used car is offered for sale with real-time facts and figures.

Does vehicle have any bad history?

The third trust factor is the lack of credibility regarding the history of the vehicle. A buyer remains in the dark whether the car has a good or bad history. A few details mentioned by the seller or can be examined by the naked eyes cannot be the only evidence for car purchase. One more Droom’s tool ‘History’ acts a savior in this aspect as it offers a comprehensive history report to the buyers.

Will I get financing for the car?

Last but not least, financing the car purchase is one of the major factors when it comes to buying a new or a used car. In both cases, the car loan is essential, and we tend to avoid those hassles in the banks. The numerous paperwork and strict rules and regulations regarding loan approvals discourage us from applying for it. Droom ‘Credit’ is another initiative that has enabled almost all to fulfil their dreams of getting a car loan and purchasing a car with no paperwork.

All these are major factors of transport freedom. When we exploit your country people from all those freedoms, it is obvious to notice such a reduced number of vehicles on road. But it is good to see that changes are happening in our country. The point of view of people towards the used car is changing and the effort of Droom is bringing a massive transformation in the world of transport freedom.



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